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Contract mining & earthwork experts

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Native Plains specialized in contract mining across the United States. With more than 15 years of experience in the Mining industry, Native Plains is equipped to perform and manage your next project. Additional specialties have led to sucessful projects in the following areas: Excavation, Earthwork, & Utilities, Contract Surface Mining, Construction Management/general Contracting, Residential & Land Development, and Concrete.

We are a blue-collar business that takes a professional approach to the construction industry. Native Plains focuses on professionalism, workmanship, and doing more than what is expected in each of its endeavors. We evaluate, bid, and pursue jobs with the end result focused on customer satisfaction. Native Plains has the experience, equipment, capital, and structure to pursue commercial, government, industrial and residential construction projects while exceeding expectations of workmanship, on-time performance, and professionalism with each contract.

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Native Plains Safety

Native Plains Contracting strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, clients, visitors, subcontractors, and suppliers through prevention of unsafe practices that could lead to injury or illness. Native Plains Contracting Safety Program provides a comprehensive approach to accident prevention, and is constantly adapted to the continued changes in the construction industry.

Our philosophy is that all accidents are preventable through careful planning and adherence to safety guidelines established prior to beginning work. By ensuring that all Team members are well trained and recognize their obligation to help prevent accidents, Native Plains Contracting can achieve its goal of maintaining a record of zero incidents.

Native Plains was a valuable addition to our project team. I wouldn't hesitate to engage them on my next critical project.

Adam Oglesbee - Owner, Warfeather LLC
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