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Excavation, Earthwork, & Utilities

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Native Plains Contracting recently completed its largest project to date, the Titan Sports Complex in Jenks, Oklahoma. The project consisted of mass excavation and earthwork on a 64 acre site, relocating nearly 50,000 cubic yards of soil to construct 19 soccer/lacrosse fields while facing challenges such as above average rainfalls and the owner’s requirement to meet extremely accurate proposed grades. Using GPS technology, Native Plains Contracting’s crews fine graded the site to within 1/10th of an inch accuracy. Despite these challenges, the project was completed within the time and budget requirements demanded by the owner. Native Plains Contracting is ready to tackle your next large earthwork project!


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Native Plains was a valuable addition to our project team. I wouldn't hesitate to engage them on my next critical project.

Adam Oglesbee - Owner, Warfeather LLC
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